Monday, August 11, 2008


I have had a hard time trying to balance work and sports, and school projects. Now, though, I believe I have it straightened out. Last night I did not have work or anything, and I just finished my book project, so I figured I would try to do something fun. Therefore, I went searching the fabulous Youtube, and found videos to learn how to crochet. I practiced my chains, and single crochet until around 1 am. Then, this morning, I got up and tried to tackle crochet a flower. Which I did, to my own amazement. It is certainly not the best, and I believe that next time I will leave off the back set of chains. I figure considering that I learned how to crochet within 2 hours I did an alright job. I tried to iron it...I don't think I will try that again.

Edit: Here is my second try, with a different type of yarn that I found, and without the back chains.

Also last night, I made another scrabble tile necklace. My friend's father wants us to sell the stuff I make at Clemson football games; I don't really want to, but I guess it could be fun! Anyway, he wanted a sample of something, so I made a tile with a tiger on it (since we can't use the tiger paw). Thought it was rather neat.

Last night I had the pleasure of renting a movie from those "dvd express" boxes at Bi-Lo. I love those things. Not to mention, I love the movie I rented. 21. Jim Sturgess has to be one of my favorite actors now. Anyway, in respect to the number 21, I have decided to do 21 things today, required or of my own choice. So here is my list:

1. Learn to crochet something.
2. Make more necklaces
3. Run
4. Read all of chapter 2 in my history book
5. Eat a sorbet
6. write at least 2 editorials for my summer project
7. Work on at least 2 of my art projects
8. Eat Japanese food tonight
9. Have a popcicle
10. Paint my finger nails
11. Paint my toe nails
12. Organize stuff for school
13. Put an air freshener in my car
14. Give Amanda her movie (The Darjeeling Limited) back
15. Embroider something
16. Make a purse/small handbag/wallet
17. Watch tv/movie
18. Play with my dog
19. Mess around with make-up
20. Take brother home
21. RELAX!

Have fun making stuff!

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