Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Hippie's Life Is The Life For Me

Today I have ventured into the kitchen realm! While watching Les Choristes, I made some amazing cupcakes. I got the idea from this site: Rainbow Cupcakes
I edited a good bit of the recipe though, seeing as it is obviously not written for an American-based oven and such. Also, I used different cake batter and icing and food coloring. All the same- they came out fantastic. I used my icing to put "peace-signs" on the cakes. They also taste great by the way. ;]

The Beginning: The mess I created.

The Tops of the cupcakes without icing.

Beginning of the decorations- "experimentation phase"

The delicious inside- well half of the inside. :]

Also today, I finished Hane's mushroom. He requested a blue shroom with his tongue sticking out. I believe I did a decent job.

That is it for today,
Happy Crafting!


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craftymug said...

The cup cakes look yummy and the mushrooms are such a creative cute, too! Have a happy day!

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