Sunday, September 14, 2008

All is Good in Moderation

Yesterday before work, Amanda and I went scrounging around Walhalla. I showed her the Auction/Antique Market house, and The Old Trading Post. It was pretty cool looking at all sorts of old items. I've been in need of a new coffee cup lately. I got an amazing Cheshire Cat mug when we went to Disney last year, but my grandfather broke it on accident. So anyway, as we were looking around at all that old stuff, I found a new mug for myself! I absolutely adore it, it is my favorite color, and it has some pretty sweet Owls on it. Plus, it was only 4 bucks.

Also yesterday, I wrote my AP US History essay. I am not as stressed as I was now because of that. I still have like 30 multiple choice questions, and Biology 2 homework and another essay for AP English, but it's okay.
I ran close to 2 miles earlier today, but it was super hard for some reason. I think it was because I was alone, and I haven't ran since Thursday. But I'm glad I did it anyway; every little bit counts! Tomorrow I will not be at practice, because I have an Ear, Nose, Throat appointment in Easley. Fun stuff. I wish my nose was normal.
I have to go in to work at 2, so there is not much more I can write about that will be worth while. BUT, I have started making a "Twilight" bracelet. I finally found one of those diamond-looking hearts, so I can now use those little wolf charms I bought at the beginning of summer. I promise to update once I finish it, which should be later tonight.
Until then, have fun crafting!


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