Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take It Easy

Halloween has come and passed, and still hardly any crafts. I sincerely apologize. BUT, I did make my Halloween costume! My grandmother is currently in Italy, and so this was the first time using the sewing machine and fabric and patterns without any help at all. I feel quite accomplished. Sadly, no pictures. I will have to try it on and take some shots later.

Anyway, my group of friends and I are making it a goal to go hiking every weekend. At least one time. So far, 3 weekends. I feel really cool (I'm such a nerd) going out into the woods and spending time with them in the middle of nowhere, just walking and taking the time to be out in nature. I love it. For me, it relieves some stress. I don't think about school work when I'm out hiking. I don't worry about home-related issues, or anything's just peaceful. Plus, we're thinking that if we keep this up, for senior trip- APPALACHIAN TRAIL, WOO! I can't wait. Also, because of that, we are going to start saving up some money now.

So just as a mini-post, here are some pictures from our most recent hiking excursions!

Amanda, Lina, Hane, Eryn, Joe (We are such ragamuffins)
On the Cherry Hill- Winding Stairs trail.

More to come soon!

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