Friday, December 5, 2008

There Comes A Time

I have honestly been inspired to change my lifestyle. My AP English teacher assigned us to read "Into The Wild". I have quite literally come to love the story and almost all of the lessons and theories that can develop from Chris McCandless's (main character). Chris was an inspiration. He took life as it came. He followed his dreams, and would not let anyone sway him. He had strong moral convictions and wanted society to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Therefore, as a beginning, I'd just like to recommend this novel, along with it's accompanying film...which for once, is just as good as the book.

With this, I have also began an attempt for a healthier life. I recorded all that I ate, drank, and did for fitness for one week. I am now going one step at a time (hopefully), so that I will not become over-stressed with something if I fail to do it. I am going to encourage all of you to join me if you wish.

Starting this weekend, I will adopt a change inspired by Henry David Thoreau. He said:

"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. "

With this in mind, I am going to try and get up every morning, and have a light jog or walk. This is my new goal.

Now on to the crafts!
I have made a pair of earrings for my grandmother, and I find them to look quite nice actually.

(Click for larger image)

Other than that, I am now working on completing a new painting series: The Sweet Life. It basically consists of paintings of several chocolates, one which I actually made myself. It represents my job at the ice cream shop. I am quite excited about it- although nervous that I will not finish by the deadline.

Hope all is well,
Have fun crafting!


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