Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Morning!

Today was the first day of my new exercise program, and the first day back at school from our 2-week holiday break.

This morning I woke up at about 6 am (after hitting the snooze from 5:30). I grabbed my hoodie, Ipod shuffle, sneakers, and a water bottle. I then hit the treadmill for a 1 mile run. This was at a fairly slow pace of 10 minutes for a mile. After stretching and continuing with my normal morning routine I finally made it to school (on time!).

At this point I was feeling great. The early exercise had me excited, and feeling confident. Not to mention my amazing playlist that I used while running and in the car. This consisted of upbeat music and tunes that made me feel kick-butt.

All of this made me happy and helped me with my resolution of "being nice". It is so much easier to be nice to people with you are feeling good yourself. Which in turn, makes you feel even better knowing that you are being nice to others.
Later on today, my friend Amanda and I are going on another 10 minute run after school. This will conclude my first day of my "new life" (aka my life incorporated with my resolutions).
I am feeling rather optimistic about all of the changes I will hopefully implement into my daily life from now on.
Therefore, this "experiment" has been successfull. Simply, exercising in the morning gets me going and I know that if nothing else goes right later on that day, then atleast that will be a success. I would highly reccomend it.

Today's Playlist:
1. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
2. Tremble For My Beloved- Collective Soul

(click on the songs in the playlist to go to another site to listen to them)

Hopefully making some new projects,
Happy crafting!


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